Special considerations are given to service and maintenance as we realise, that these are the key aspects of the field we are working in. Routine maintenance and service of the lifting equipment are performed by qualified personnel, resulting in increase in productivity and reduction of possible equipment failures, maintenance costs and deadlocks of work process. 24/7 support is available.

A wide range of maintenance options for industrial cranes is performed:

  • routine periodic service inspection – can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual inspection, depending on the frequency of operation of the crane, operating conditions and work process,
  • out-of-period service – elimination of minor disturbances that do not affect the reliability of hte equipment and the safery at work, but must be recorded and repaired,
  • emergency service – intervention – rapid elimination of defects on the crane that cause delays or deadlocks of production or work process,
  • supply of spare parts – spare parts from all major crane manufacturers are supplied (Demag Cranes & Components, CMAK Crane Systems, Stahl CraneSystems, SWF Krantechnik, KoneCranes, etc.)
  • organisation of periodic inspections of industrial cranes and lifting equipment by an authorised inspector – we organise and conduct technical inspections by an authorised company that issues operating permit for the equipment,
  • reconstructions of cranes – we offer partial or complete reconstructions, which means a replacement of individual components of the mechanical or the electrical equipment of the crane.