Enotirna (Monorail) dvigala

Monorail cranes are used for a manipulation of loads between 80 kg and 16 t along a linear or curved rail. Monorail cranes are a perfect solution for acquiring, transporting and disposing loads in local work stations. Actions of the crane can be completely or partially automated.

Properties of monorail cranes: 

  • load capacity between 80 kg and 16 t
  • rail length from 1 m to 100 m
  • optional curved rails, switch points and turntables
  • optional telescopic arm
  • optional installation on the building construction or independently on the construction of the crane
  • optional partially or completely automated mode
  • weighing scale with LED display
  • tandem action (running and controlling of 2 winches once on a single rail)
  • equipment modifications for extreme working conditions (increased IP protection, forced cooling of the motors, air-conditioning of electrical equipment,…)
  • radio remote control