Procesna mostna dvigala

Process overhead bridge cranes are used for a manipulation of loads between 5 and 120 t in 24/7 industrial processes, extreme operating conditions, partially or fully automated operating modes, etc.

ME-JAN d.o.o. process overhead bridge cranes are designed and produced specifically for the working process of each client, which essentially improves and increases work productivity and reliability, as well as reduces maintenance costs and downtime due to maintenance.

Technical charasteristics of process overhead bridge cranes:

Type of crane: DEMD MC
Load-bearing capacity (max)120 t
Span (max)40 m
Crane running speed (max)120 m/min
Crab running speed (max)60 m/min
Lift/drop speed (max)30 m/min
Maintenance platform on the bridgeYes
Operational cabinOptional
Automatic modeOptional

Process overhead bridge cranes ME-JAN d.o.o. have built-in frequency inverters for the drive of the crane and the crab, as well as lifting/lowering function, limit switches and overload protection. Process cranes are operated using a radio remote control or an operational cabin. Electrical equipment of the cranes includes built-in CPU for the control of all functions of the crane, as well as optional semi-automated or completely automated operation.

Optional additional equipment includes:

  • real-time weighing of the load with LED display
  • tandem action (running and controlling of 2 crabs or 2 cranes at once),
  • equipment modifications for extreme operating conditions (increased IP protection, compulsorily cooling, air-conditioning of the electiral equipment)
  • additional break for lift/drop function
  • partially or fully automated operation od the crane
  • communication of the crane with the business information system of the client
  • status of the crane, alarm system and history displayed on a touch panel