Racks represent a primary element of the warehouse storing system. Only the correct type of the rack structure and an optimal placement of the rack construction allow a maximal use of the warehouse space. Load requirements as well as low dead weight must be fulfulled and an easy installation must be allowed. In order for it to remain within the tolerance zones, one important factor, in addition to the quality manufacture of the racks, is a suitable (concrete) foundation and professional installation.

Rails in the storage aisles represent the transport route of the crane. The HEA/HEB profile is used for Mini-Load cranes and steel rails are used for single-mast and double-mast stacker cranes.

In warehousing systems, transport devices complement the movements of the stacker crane throughout the entire cycle of entry and exit of the TSUs and stored items. These devices are:

  • transfer shuttle for the movement of the crane along the storage aisles (one crane can serve several aisles),
  • transport floor shuttles for the movement of the items to the commission zone,
  • roller conveyors, commission zones, etc.