Single-mast and double-mast stacker cranes are designed for the storage of bigger and heavier items in storage units. Such items are usually stored on an EURO pallet (800×1200 mm), but can be stored on special pallets based on the weight, shape and size of the items.

According to the control method, stacker cranes are divided into manual, semi-automated  and completely automated cranes. A manual or semi-automated crane is operated by a driver (an operator) directly from the controlling cabin on the crane. In automatic mode, the stacker crane is managed by a operator via an operations control system that can be integrated into the business information system of the client. 

Technical characteristics:

Single-mast M-ERD Double-mast M-DRD
Load capacity (max)1200 kg10000 kg
Lifting height (max)24 m40 m
Shape of the itemEURO palletsspecial pallets, rolls, coils, profiles
Running speed (max)150 m/min150 m/min
Lifting speed (max)60 m/min60 m/min
Telescopic forks (max)40 / 20 m/min40 / 20 m/min
Operational cabin for manual management of the craneopcijskoopcijsko