Vrvni vitli ME-JAN MC

Open winch hoists ME-JAN MC are designed for process operation in 24/7 production processes, in extreme work conditions, with semi-automated or completely automated operation, etc.

They are designed and manufactured specifically and individually for the working process of the customer, which improves and increases productivity and work reliability, as well as reduces maintenance costs.

Advantages of open winch hoists ME-JAN MC in comparison to standard wire rope hoists:

  • the open winch hoist is designed and manufactured for specific work proccess
  • robust and durable design
  • reliable and safe operation
  • high operating class FEM / ISO; 3m/M6 or 4m/M7
  • vertical lifting and lowering of the hook (reeving 4/2, 8/2)
  • high-quality, durable steel wire rope
  • lifting geared motor SEW with built-in cooling
  • lifting motor with an encoder
  • controlling with frequency inverters
  • optional variable linear controlling
  • optional additional break for lifting / lowering
  • optional weighing of the load
  • optional anti-sway system
  • optional semi-automated or completely automated operation