Standardna mostna dvigala

Standard overhead bridge cranes are used when manipulating loads from 1 to 50 t.

Based on the requirements and wishes of the client, our overhead bridge cranes can be produced using equipment provided by CMAK Crane Systems (link na zavihek CMAK Crane Systems) or using equipment provided by Demag Cranes & Components.

Technical charasteristics of standard overhead bridge cranes:

Type of crane EEMD DEMD VEMD
Load-bearing capacity (max)16 t50 t5 t
Span (max)24 m40 m16 m
Crane running speed (max)40 m/min80 m/min 30 m/min 
Crab running speed (max)24 m/min40 m/min24 m/min
Lift/drop speed (max)10 m/min10 m/min10 m/min
Maintenance platform on the bridgeOptional

ME-JAN d.o.o. overhead bridge cranes have built-in frequency inverters, built-in radio remote control of the crane, built-in limit switches and overload protection. Electrical equipment of the crane includes a standard contactor-relay technology which results in long service life and simple maintenance.

Optional additional equipment includes:

  • frequency inverter for lifting/lowering
  • weighing scale with LED display
  • tandem action (running and controlling of 2 crabs or 2 cranes at once)
  • increased efficiency using the UltraSpeed+ function
  • equipment modifications for extreme operating conditions (increased IP protection, compulsorily cooling)
  • maintenance platform for a safe and fast maintenance of the crane