CMAK vrvni vitli CM

High quality CM series electric wire rope hoists are designed for medium-heavy conditions that is up to 37.500 kg lifting capacity. CM series provide easy installation with stable welding structure nevertheless they are very reliable industrial hoists with hoisting done via double speed by pole changing motor and trolley traversing controlled with frequency inverter.

Standard features:

  • Robust design

With welded construction and chassis, CM series electric wire rope hoists have long servise life. Electrical parts of the CM series wire rope hoists can be easily dissassembled for maintenance or another electrical module can be integrated easily. CM hoists, in therm of electrical systems, are designed »plug/remove« principle.

  • Long service life

CM series high-technology electric wire rope hoists are equipped with PTC, termic, phase safe-guard, emergency systems, top and bottom limiters and overload limiters. Also, CM series wire rope hoists are compatible with the FEM and CE norms. Thus, they are very reliable and safely operational.

  • Minimum maintenance requirement

CM series hoists are designed to endure severe conditions for years, also its design lowers the maintenance requirement while reducing your maintenance costs.

  • Durable limits

Top and bottom hooh travel limits have levels, and are easily adjustable to ensure trouble free operation. In case of hook getting to top or bottom limits, hoisting will get automatically stopped at the extreme limit set.

  • Safe load limiter

CM type electro-mechanical overload device is very reliable and can be easily adjusted with just an allen wrench thus ensures safe operation. With preset values, in case of lifting heavier loads than the nominal load, the lifting operation is stopped immediately to avoid damage to the machinery, system and most important your building.

  • Durable rope guide

CM type graphite cast iron rope guides, ensures the wire rope tightly reeved to the drum and its flexibility design minimises the breakage due to wrong usage.

  • Direct driven drives and articulation

Cross travel mechanism of the CM series electric wire rope hoists are direct driven and supported with an articulated end carriage joints ensuring positive contact of all wheels with the tracks.

  • Manual brake release

CM series electric wire rope hoists hoisting motor is equipped with manual brake release, thus, in case of unexpected power failiures, the loads can be lowered to the ground manually with using the manual brake release.

  • Durable wire rope

CM series electric wire rope hoists are equipped with high tensile strenght steel wire rope. In addition to its high tensile, it is also inexpensive to replace.

  • High efficient lifting motor

CM series hoists are capable of operating under heavy conditions with generation 3000 rpm output lifting motors.