Konzolna dvigala

JIB cranes enable handling of loads between 80 kg and 10 t. They are mostly used for a manipulation of loads in local work stations. With a wide range of load capacities, jib (arm) lengths, rotation angles and lifting heights, these cranes can be adapted to specific requirements in the work process.

Properties of jib cranes:

  • load capacity from 80 kg to 10 t
  • jib length between 1 and 12 m
  • optional manual or electrical drive of the crab and rotation of the jib
  • optional installation of the jib of the crane on a wall or a pillar of the building
  • optional installation of the pillar of the crane on a mounting steel plate or anchoring into the foundation
  • movement restrictions of the jib, equipment for a locked position of the jib
  • optional hot dip galvanised steel construction
  • optional protection agains different weather conditions for usage outdoors
  • optional telescopic jib arm
  • optional 2-4 jibs on a single pillar
  • real-time weiging of the load with LED display
  • optional modification of the equipment for difficult operating conditions (increased IP protection, compulsory cooling units, AC systems for the electrical equipment, etc.)
  • radio remote control