Real-Time Monitoring 

  • Permanent SWP ( Safe Working Period ) calculation.
  • Up-to-date information about the remaining duration of service.
  • Comply with the Regulations.

Increased Efficiency 

  • With UltraSpeed function enabled, HoistSense increases speed to 150% nominal speed on all motions when the load is below 15% of the SWL ( Safe Working Load ).

Safe Working 

  • Continuous overload protection with precisely calculated strain gauge load measuring system.

Weighing Display 

  • Real-time display of the loads via strain gauge sensor

Service Optimization 

  • Available Alarms for preventive maintenance periods.
  • Tracking of Past Maintenances.

Informative Display 

  • With its display mounted on hoist, the HoistSense informs the operator and maintenance crew for critical information ( Total runtime, Number of Overloads, Next Service Hour – Dynamic, Remaining SWP%, Number of Starts, Average Load ).
  • Comply with the regulations.

Easy to Use 

  • HoistSense does not add more buttons or require constantly checking the pushbutton pendant, as the system will start displaying the load on the large display attached to the hoist -easily visible- immediately aftHoistSense is an advanced electronic system that constantly keeps track of usage, load and critical incidents; while using these information to the advantage of the user to further increase the efficiency and decrease the downtime of the hoist.


  • er the operator starts commanding the crane. And the stored information will be shown on the large display after the hoists stays idle for a short period of time.