Rekonstrukcije mostnih dvigal

The scope of reconstruction or restoration of the crane depends on the condition of the existing equipment. The reconstriction prolongs lifetime of the crane and in some cases (when the steel structure enables), the capabilities of the crane can be enhanced (i.e. crane running speed, crab running speed, hoisting speed, load capacity).

A complete resonstruction of an overhead brighe crane includes a replacement of both, mechanical and electical equipment. All safety elements for overhead bridge cranes according to relevant regulations are also taken into account.

A partial reconstruction of an overhead bridge crane includes a replacement of particular worn out elements (such as a hoisting mechanism, drives, electical equipment, etc.).

Advantages of the reconstructions of overhead bridge cranes include:

  • reduced downtime of the  production
  • extended life time of the crane
  • increased capabilities of the crane
  • increased productivity and reliability of the equipment, as well as reduced maintenance costs
  • upgrade of the existing equipment for new production lines
  • comercially justified decision